Another Fantastic Story From The Order of The Black Swan!

Gathering Storm - Victoria Danann

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review


Gathering Storm is the fifth instalment of Victoria Danann's Order of The Black Swan series, which, I have to say, has quickly become one of my favourite paranormal romance series. Book five continues right where Moonlight left off, as is the case with all of the others. Lithe and Storm are enjoying their unusual baby girl, Elora and Ram are living at Jefferson Unit with little Helm because it's safer for them while Elora is being hunted by Reglenclan. Jefferson Unit is going through some changes and while Sol is on vacation, glen is left in charge with the help of Storm. All is going well until Deliverance is supposed to take Storm to Jefferson one morning but somehow loses him in the passes.


“'Tis a good thin’ that Stormy and I put the bad in Bad Company, else the two of us might be intimidated by unhappy mates standin' o’er us with mean faces and hands on delectably curvy hips.”


I actually think that this is one of my favourite storylines so far. The idea and the way it's been executed is really great. I won't go into too much detail, but with the introduction to a surprising new character--one I really hope we see again and who gets a HEA for himself--I was amazed at how Danann kept things so different with him. (Those of you who've read it should know what I mean) His introduction was great and also the way he changed throughout the book. I also really loved the relationship between him and Rosie, especially with it being under such strange circumstances. I was really routing for the guy in the end.


We also get to know Z team a little more in this book and although they're not in it that much, it's got me interested to see them again in the future. We're also introduced to some of Jeffersons trainees, a few of which I can't wait to see again and watch them grow into fully fledged Knights of the Order.


When she removed her hand, there was a key sitting on the shiny black slate. Holding the cuffs toward Deliverance, she said, "You will use these. When you arrive with our guest, I’ll unlock the cuffs." Deliverance knew he had made an even bigger mess of his mess, but couldn't help being who he was. So, picking up the cuffs, he said, "And you just happened to have these lying around because..." "It was an inside joke between my husband and me. You remember my husband? THE ONE YOU LOST!”


What I love about Danann's writing style is, well... everything! Particularly the strong character development. You really do feel like you know each and every one of them and with each book I feel like I'm visiting old friends. I love the camaraderie between them all and it really feels like a real family unit. I also love how the main characters from one book also get to play a part in the next and are not sidelined, even if it's just for a few scenes. The way she structures her stories is really a testament to her talent. The plot never let's up and each instalment is packed with suspense, humour and love.


There is so much going on in each story that you never want to stop turning the page. I've had difficulty putting down every book in the Order of The Black Swan series and Gathering Storm was no exception. In fact, it was worse with this one! I got absolutely nothing done until I'd read the last page. If you haven't read any of the Order of The Black Swan series then I highly recommend that you do, but be sure to read them in order. I'm so looking forward to book 6, especially after that sneak peek of Chapter 1 at the end of the book!

Victoria you tease!


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